About the Founder


 I have always felt a craving for large scales and therefore decided to develop professionally in the USA.

I was inspired to move by the desire to discover something new for myself, to constantly grow and develop, while learning about a different culture.When you achieve success in the USA, the whole world opens up before you.

This feeling made me try my hand at a completely new country for myself. 

I have been doing yoga for 10 years and it was my passion for these practices that inspired me to launch the Flexupusa yoga clothing brand.

For many years, yoga has been giving me a good mood, harmony and helps me connect with my inner world. I want to share these insights with other women who, in the cycle of everyday affairs, very often forget about themselves and their rights.

The main idea of ​​Flexupusa is the empowerment of women, because far from all countries they have at least some of the opportunities that men have.

Together with a charitable foundation in Los Angeles, we organize a marathon in support of women around the world.It will take place at the end of May on Venice beach and will be held under the motto Woman support woman.